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Synchro Stars Coaches 2016-17

Kelley Dugan, Director

Kelley has been with Synchro Stars for 4 seasons. She has coached at the Basic Skills level 1 and 2, Preliminary, Open Juvenile and Intermediate teams. She first started synchronized skating at Colonial at the intermediate level and then at the junior level. As an adult she returned to synchro to skate with Hayden’s Esprit de Corps and competes in the Adult and Masters divisions for 9 years and won 5 National titles. Kelley has 15+ years of coaching experience in freestyle and moves in the field and 14 years of synchronized skating experience. In her free time, she enjoys taking ice dancing lessons, working out at the Y and traveling with her family.

Beth Houghton


Kat Howland

Kat Howland graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Miami University in 2014. She was an NCAA Division I student-athlete and three-time member of Team USA. She skated on the RedHawk Junior, Collegiate, Open Collegiate Teams, and also skated two seasons with the Lexettes. She is excited to share her love of skating with the Synchro Stars.

Carola Mandeville

Carola has over 25 years of coaching figure skating, and has been coaching synchro since 2001. Her experience includes being the co-coach of the Preliminary and Juvenile teams for Skyliners from 2001-2005. In 2005, she founded the Granite Skates and was head coach of the Beginner and Pre-Juvenile levels. In 2009, Carola was one of the co-founders of Synchro Stars, and has been a head coach since it's inception. Carola's PSA ratings are Registered Synchro and Certified Sports Medicine. She has her ISI Gold Judges Certification CER Category A.

Lisa Langley


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